Russ Whitney Guides Homebuyers Make Your Home a Luxury One


Russ Whitney guides sellers, who make the commitment to preparing their home in a clean, organized manner are rewarded with higher offers that of a faster sale.Every home and homeowner is unique that is from families with young children, to retirees with decades of family keepsakes.

A specific plan is needed to prepare the property for sale.Take inventory of the big picture.If some of the work requires significant investment such as roofing, moving and warehousing excess furniture and containers, and other large projects that is very much essential to plan at the beginning of the project.

Thus Russ Whitney mentions after deciding which projects are most important for you to accomplish, recommend service contractors, specialist cleaning services, even professional organizers and home staging experts to help you get the best results at a fair price. The main role is to set dates for each of the projects to be accomplished so that we can be ready for that first showing as soon as possible.

The success in selling luxury home in the shortest time and at the best price is in large part with well-planned preparations. Small touches like a fresh vase of flowers,lights on fragrance,kitchen counter,pots framing the front step can make a big difference. A potential buyer may not notice every one, but they certainly can and will affect the buyer’s overall impression.


About russwhitneyreal

Russ Whitney being a businessman he led his life with many business achievements that included founding and building one of the largest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education companies all over the world.
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